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Commentary on Ephesians 1.22 and 23  [1 page]
by John Schoenheit, Mark Graeser, and John Lynn rated at 1.0 (5 votes so far)

There are some Trinitarians who assert that the last phrase of verse 23 proves the Trinity. Not so, for there is no mention of any Trinitarian concept such as “three-in-one.” This verse clearly teaches that God was the one who “appointed” Christ to be over the Church. Surely if Christ were a co-equal part of God, he needed no such appointment, because by nature he would already have been over the Church.

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These books, written by people from diverse backgrounds, express the simple truth that God is one. Some of them are more scholary while others are more autobiographical. In addition, a few of them are available to read online. If you would like more in depth treatment of christian monotheism, these books are the next step to take. Note: if you know of other books, not listed here, please leave us feedback.

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Commentary on Hewbrews 4.8
by John Schoenheit, Mark Graeser, John Lynn [1 Page]
rated at 1 (out of 5 votes)

In some versions, the name “Joshua” was mistranslated as “Jesus,” which makes it sound as if Jesus were in the Old Testament. The names “Jesus” and “Joshua” are the same in Hebrew and Greek, and the translators of the KJV, for example, confused the names.

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