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Calling Christians Worldwide to Return to the Creed of Jesus


Are you looking for a local community that shares faith in the creed of Jesus? Would you like to start your own home group and let others in your area know about it? Here are three networks that you may want to peruse in an effort to hook up with other Christian monotheists in your area.

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Please link to this site from your facebook, twitter, tumblr, blog, or other website. If you watch a video, listen to an mp3, or read an article that you enjoy, please share it with others. The way sites improve their rankings in search engines like Google and Bing is based on the number of sites that link to them. Help us improve our accessibility so that we can reach more people with the truth about God and his amazing Son! Also, let us know how to improve by leaving us feedback.

spread the word

Purchase christianmonotheism mugs, t-shirts, and accessories to advertise the glorious truth that our God is one. Check out our store. Also, let us know if you have any great ideas for designs.

Check out these facebook groups for christian monotheists. Biblical Unitarian is a friendly environment for biblical unitarian Christians to explore their faith and to find friendships. Also, trinitarians may engage in informal debate in this group. Biblical Unitarian Studies is a branch off group where posts are either in agreement with unitarianism or asking for clarification from a unitarian point of view. All are welcome to read and participate accordingly.

Also, check out these other sites promoting strict biblical monotheism:

21st Century Reformation: J. Dan and Sharon Gill labor tirelessly to provide fresh biblical video teachings related to our God and his Son. Their site is published like an online magazine so each month they have a totally new homepage.

Restoration Fellowship: Anthony Buzzard, one of the most significant promoters of the monotheism movement in our time, provides dozens of free articles and multimedia resources for all to download. His site also contains many recent youtube videos and a great collection of books.

Journal from the Radical Reformation: This scholarly journal engages a host of biblical topics and contains many solid pieces on monotheism and christology. If you are looking for well-documented, heavily-footnoted journal articles, this is the place to go. Back issues are free for you to download and print. Issues are still being added.

Trinity Delusion: A comprehensive site including a Scripture index, many articles about the Trinity, book recommendations, and tons of youtube videos by an anonymous Canadian.

Restitutio Podcast and Blog: Sean Finnegan puts out blog posts and podcasts on RESTITUTIO in his quest to get you thinking about biblical and historical Christianity, to inspire you to follow Christ, and to convict you to lead a consecrated life.

Biblical Unitarian: Here you can access dozens of resources from John Schoenheit, Dan Gallager, and other contributors from Spirit and Truth Fellowship.

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