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Calling Christians Worldwide to Return to the Creed of Jesus

A Christological Confession  [7 pages]
by Anthony Buzzard rated at 1.6 (6 votes so far)

At a time when theological literature emphasizes a plurality of Christologies within the New Testament canon, we should not forget that, despite differences of emphasis, there is a common confession throughout all the New Testament documents which embeds itself in the statement that Jesus is the Messiah.

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These books, written by people from diverse backgrounds, express the simple truth that God is one. Some of them are more scholary while others are more autobiographical. In addition, a few of them are available to read online. If you would like more in depth treatment of christian monotheism, these books are the next step to take. Note: if you know of other books, not listed here, please leave us feedback.

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Jesus Christ and the Trinity -- What Does the Bible Say?
by Duncan Heaster vs. Leslie Everitt [26 pages]
rated at 1.6 (out of 6 votes)

Evangelical Christian, Leslie Everitt debates Christadelphian Duncan Heaster on whether or not the Trinity is biblical. This is the transcription of a live debate which occurred November 12, 1988 in Kent, UK at the Bromley Christian Center.

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